Circulus Album - BirthHello everybody!

Welcome to the new Circulus home online….

Our new album BIRTH is available through the Circulus Bandcamp site on CD and download. You’ll also find there our 7″ limited edition multi-coloured vinyl of Tintagic.

Our next appearance is at the Betsy Trotwood on 28th October 2018. There’ll be performances and lot’s to explore throughout the whole day with Circulus performing in the evening.
The event is called “Three Floors, Nine Dimensions” spanning all three floors of the wonderful Betsy Trotwood in Farringdon.
Here we will be explaining the 432 Hertz tuning and the harmonic wonders of the number 9. You could call it “The University of Michael Tyack” roadshow. Its a celebration of music and number presented in a manner to bathe all minds in a sea of wonder.